Welcome Castaways!

A Welcome to any and all castaways out there… to people who don’t fit in boxes and can’t be summed up by covers, that is…


It’s Here!

Two minutes later, thirty-seven spells in, Jane said, “Again.”

The short tale of Ben and Jane, from the world of the Treehouse Castaways, is finally here. Check out the full story of Ben and Jane, a Prelude here, enjoy, and be sure to leave any comments you have! (And look out for more stories from the whimsical world of the Treehouse Castaways!)

A Treehouse Castaways Short Story

Short Story Coming Soon!

From the world of the Treehouse Castaways comes Ben and Jane, a Prelude… to the rising epic fantasy series coming soon!

Young magicians Ben Hawthorne and Jane Holly are hoping to soon master their magic and become the great sorcerers they know they can be. But when their magic academy is blown to pieces by a band of rogue fire magicians just months prior to their graduation, they aren’t certain where their place in this war-torn world is. It isn’t until Ben’s older brother returns from a secret expedition, with knowledge behind their school’s attacks, that they get their chance to set forth for the first time on their own and to prove what it is they’ve learned during their long years of study. But with adventure and magic always comes danger.

Coming February 7!